Steve Moakler

On Your Side

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Silence undercover sadness
Broken static turned to madness
Caught yourself trying to keep your cool
But it’s long gone

Tossing, turning, but you’re tired
All the secrets have expired
On the wrong end of a bad deal
And it’s hard, hard

Keep on knocking, but the doors don’t open
Try to stop it, but the hurt keeps going
With every breath you close your eyes
Yeah, I’ve been on your side
Of a broken heart

Telling God you don’t believe him
And that his scales don’t look too even
No one’s seen what you’ve seen
Nothing says what you mean

I’ve been down
I’ve been real far down
I’ve been down
Where you’re standing right now

Asking Jesus for a sign
Or to get it off your mind
Yeah, your broken heart

Autor(es): Steve Moakler