The Meads of Asphodel

Pale Dread Hunger

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Pale dreah hunger, Rip out my heart, watch me restless
Watch mew fall down and die, It's over for me now
I've lost the will to live.

I will arise as death, as pale dread hunger.

Pale dread hunger, come take me now,
Walk with darkness, watch me restless,
Watch me, rise up and smile,
It's only just begun my after life for all eternity.

I will arise as death, as pale dread hunger.

It was just a moment in time, just a passing thought
And who will recall that I ever lived at all?
No more will I feel the warmth of the sun,
The chill of night I have become.
To forever roam across the silent edge of darkness,
And the shadows of pale dread hunger.

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