Big Pokey


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[Hook x2]
I came here to party (ooh)
I'm about to start it (ooh)
So get up on the dance floor
I wanna see, you dance more

[Big Pokey]
I wanna see you dance, so go on shake it
Them skin-tight pants, got me wanting to take it
I would let you make it, but that ain't me boo
You can either love me, or hate me boo
Soon as you slid through, you caught my eye
That's why, I just couldn't let you walk right by
Now I came, to get my groove on
See what I can see, and get my choose on
It's on, I'm meeting these broads putting numbers in my phone
Taking these Cuervo shots, to the dome
Hol' up, I'm bout to fall
Drink in one hand, other hand on the wall
I'm leaning, I think I need a kickstand
It's going down, like quick sand
Quit playing, it's on tonight
I'm trying to take, some'ing home tonight (hey)

[Hook x2]

Say what's up-what's up-what's up, lil' mama
Can a real deal worth a mill, chill playa holla
At you, cause when you came through the do' you made me say (ooh)
Gave me amnesia, made me forget about my boo
Gave clues you choose, starch jean set
6 Coupe no roof, made her say (ooh)
Penthouse view, make em all act a fool
Now she hooked on D-Reck, like voodoo

[Noke D]
Excuse, me
Lil' mama may I ask who you be
I love the way, you moving that booty
I really wanna know if you can do me, truly see
I can go, and call my crew
And you can, call yours too
We can meet, where y'all want to
Or we can meet, on the roof by the pool

[Hook x2]

[Noke D]
Now everybody say (ooh)
Make it drop make it shake, baby say (ooh)
Don't be scurred, go on act a damn fool
Do the damn thang, mama make your body move
Just be you, just be you
Now D-Reezy, tell me what it do

You know me Noke Deezy, I'm trying to leave with two

[Noke D]
Po-Dina, tell me what it's about

[Big Pokey]
It's going down, Tyte Eyez just fell in the spot

[Tyte Eyez]
I fell up in the club, it was crunk in here
Packed from the back, to the front in here
Walked to the flo', everybody shaking
Stepped to the bar, all the seats taken
I'm like ooh, until I seen this baby boo I like you
Baby girl what it do, who is you
I'm Tyte Eyez lil' mama like (ooh), she like (ooh-ooh)

[Hook x3]

Autor(es): Derrick Dixon