Open Eyes

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Well I built the world around me
Like a blueprint I've been studying for years
And I've been getting lost along the way
As I disconnect the past and present
Others have defined my biggest fears
Now I don't hear a single word they say

Open eyes
Clouded for a history
Walking blind
Believing what we think we believe
And no we won't stop
We won't stop building
In our invisible worlds
And when they fall
The clarity will kill us all

And it comes to us by nature
The confidence in how it all should be
Everyone's a criminal of pride
And we reach inside of one another
Vilify the past and let it speak
And whatever remains is cast aside

We build our walls and hope they never fade away, no
(We won't stop, we won't stop building)
And what feels like comfort ends up being our decay
(We won't stop, we won't stop building)

Until open eyes
Clouded from a history
Come to find
All the people underneath