Lux Occulta

Opening Of Eleventh Sephirah

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Via puritiva
Passing too many gates
Leaving too many graves behind
Follow jupiter's son on his way to hell
The pilgrimage of lost hopes
I kissed the bishop's poisonous ring
I was dead between the dead
White pages of your holy books
Torn to pieces by my hands
The sword is too heavy
The shield far too small
Are we the tribe of kings
Yet destined to fall?

Via illuminativa
Silver dawn awakening
So far, far away from home
The journey starts when i open my mouth
Swallowing careless words
For the truth is not far beyond the veil of stars
You won't find anything on the bottom of darkness
It's all in the serpent's lethal bite
It's in these little charming moments of thrill
And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be

Via unitiva
Addei nam namppa khadu
Tah o'khadu hallei
Iah! iah! goadii mazzu
Halle-lei badu zarrah

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