Open The Casket

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When you say deaf to me that i'm doin' the wrong
I give a shit on it- cause this is what i like and this's what makes me strong
Red light! red light!
Dead end station!
Speed on you can't stop my soul-radiaton!

…this burning urge in me

Jaws through my spine-open my casket to see my face smile

Hammer my coffin nail as deep as you can
I am an anvil- hit me thousand times but i will never bend
Burn me, forge me
But think it through what you've ledt behind for this bastard nation

What's your left behind?
Dried blood, pulverized bones, shattered beauty of a shattered man…
But my soul lives on…in these plastic buckets of blood!

Unearth my body and fear my slaughter smile
Realize my beauty and i will be the jaw in your fucking spine
Bury me dig me
Soul exhumation
But feel all my fears' and pain's revelation

Autor(es): Casketgarden

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