The Bear Quartet

Open the Door, Open

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Called you when i got there
But i, i hung up
When i heard your answer
I knew that it'd been a bad idea

Instead i took a walk
Something i've perfected
I went for the right to
Remain silent and unaffected

Got so little to live for
But it's there everyday
Wish i could say i never
Want or need to see you again

Every time i pass here
The same scene's released
Even as it hurts me it's like
It happened to someone else

How i stood looking out
At a moon as low as me
And there in the window
Reflected i saw you approach

Had so little to live for
But it was there everyday
I didn't mind going nowhere
Because you were always around

One day i'll come
And knock on your door
And to my own surprise
I'll knock some more
Hope you'll be there
To open the door, open

Got so little to live for
But it's there everyday
Sure i know that it's over
It doesn't help me at all

Now almost everyone's back
For christmas and new year's
And maybe i will see you
What you've forgotten i've kept

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