Leroy Carr

Papa Wants a Cookie

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Mama's baking cookies : out in the kitchen
Papa smells the cookies : and his nose starts to itching

Papa tried to steal one : like he did before
But mama's got the lock : on the kitchen door

Papa says to mama : come a little closer
Mama looks at papa : says oh oh no sir

Papa turns around : starts to go away
Comes right back : when she hear him say

Papa says to mama : you a real nice‑looker
You turn on the heat : like a fireless cooker

Come a little closer : in your papa's arms
Another little kiss : wouldn't do us any harm

Papa comes home : when his work is over
Mama says to papa : you sure ain't clover

Guess what I cooked : for you today
Mama just smiles : when she hear papa say

Autor(es): Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell

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