Maria Doyle Kennedy


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Johnny was the kind of a boy that you,ld meet
when the day was impossibly vague and shady

He,ld glow like the light of a hidden reflection
And basking you,ld see what you wanted to see,
who you wanted to be

Knowing him might be both painful and good
You knew if you did you,ld be able for more
So perfect the question like he,d seen the Opera
Looking at you and not looking at them,and you looked at him

Mary was the kind of a girl that you felt
Had a lot of information going on in her head
Should have been off with her book club at Easter
Fell for a boy like Johnny instead, and you knew that she would

Unfortunately there are no happy endings
Learned it before now you,ve learned it again
So perfect the question but there was no Opera

No looking at you ,only looking at them, and you looked at him

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