Kanda, Kodza I Nebojsa


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I wanna get on I wanna be set on start
I wanna be cool and I want to be cultured
I operate everyday in right way
And the system mistreat me as a serious offender
It just a system creating the city war
I wanna get in and improve infrastructure
I get upset and I come make it wet
Because it is dry and complication to operate
I see the situation that's goin' down
I disconnect all the badda vibrations
I look a ground feelin' bound by the sound
Of Babylon Television Picture Radio Station
I see the miracle time come for you and I
I agree with your opinions as they were mine
I disobey allathat devil say
And truly believe things happen in holy Bible way
Heavenly soldier lightful soldier
Him a so smooth with white wings and armour
His heart is commited to love that is in it again & again…
Me still in existence because there's no distance
Between Iself & the angel's assistance
Light soldier go lead me spiritually feed me agin & again…

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