Darren Hanlon

Operator... Get Me Sweden

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If at all remotely possible well don't you think I'd try?
If not for fear of falling don't you think I'd fly
Thirteen thousand miles across perilous land and sea?
But instead I'll sit right here and miss her terribly

But I know that you can help from what your career choice is
That you are in the business of connecting people's voices

Should I tell you where all this is leading
Operator... get me Sweden

I could express these feelings succinctly in a letter
But to do them justice to speak them would be better

While the moon pushes me down to sleep the sun comes up and starts her
I hope this feeling stays preserved in me just like the Vasa

Who planted this Garden of Eden?
Operator... get me Sweden

Use any methods you require to get her on the wire

I know you understand me you've heard it all before
Because you are this earth's long distance love ambassador
To speak to her tonight I'd take anything
By means of fibre-optics or two tin cans on a string

I really must apologise for my compulsive behaviour
One left his heart in San Francisco, mine's in Scandinavia
By one who's communicationally keyed in
Operator... get me Sweden
Get me Sweden
Get me Sweden

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