Oppressing the Weak

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Describe my actions as reprehensible
Saying it's merely the tip of the iceberg
All will be revieled in time
Spreading snake-tongued words like fucking cancer
Torpedo your thoughts into the ones around you
Of whom you know are susceptible, weak, meek sheep

I eat the meek
A rat would compel more admiration, rolling in shit, than you
So insecure

I'd rather hack of my phallus
And set it on fire
Than to listen to your whining
About my fuckin' flaws

Mirror yourself, mirror yourself

You know what they say that one mans fault is another mans lesson
I say that your shortsighted bullshit talk is proof
Of my total victory over you

To ignore ones lame anecdotes is to win the conversation
To ignore ones animosity is to live in peace with yourself

I will ignore you