From A Second Story Window

Oracles And Doorsteps

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THIS JUST IN! The oracle has done the unthinkable. They killed them!
We are the last survivors. This is the final act and the first offense.

Breathe receive the air they leave we're never coming home
Now you can understand the horror and the choices we have to make.
So grab my arm. We will take them and we will run away.
So drink deep my mortal tears and give a voice for our remaining sons.
We will not give their lives. This will be the last sacrifice...
We are not awaiting this; your dreams have come to an end.
I am the answer!!

We are the means!!.. We are the answer!!

I am the answer, we are the means
I am the answer, this is a day dream
I have seen the voices I know
I have given in too many times
Your world ends in pain
My darling
You will rest in peace

We are the answers, we are the dreams, and I will not let this stand.
And now, I will read a list of the dead. Now I will read the dead.

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