Orange Corduroy Dress

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He's a teaser
He sees fun and nothing less
She was never going to tie him down
When he gave her
Such a pretty orange dress
He was laughing all the...

Way out of town
Never a frown
And her head spun around
In the air

So she wears it
That orange corduroy dress
She wears it all day, all day, all day
So she wears it
With hope etched onto her face
That he'll come one day, one day, one day
But that he'll come soon

She's a loser
But you can't help feeling sore
Sore at someone who could drop her so
He amused her
She was left still wanting more
Feeling stupid but she

Still has to hope
Almost to know
She feels sure that he'll show
He'll be there

Don't you break her heart
It's embarrassing
Don't you break her heart
It's embarrassing
It's the saddest thing