Noxious Emotion

Orbital Array

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Deep, deep sleep
Tasting nothing
Transfixed acceptance
Inhuman thing
Restore or die
This cosmic eye
You should fry
Reflectant sky
Descending down to levels low
Barely alive
Frozen in the snow
Dislocated and out of joint
Why and how have we reached this point?
Destiny calls throughout the halls
All those short falls
Guilt kick to the balls
That won't waken the sleeping masses
Dressing up
Looking smug
Kissing asses
Beats overlapping in a cacophony timbre carefully
Oblivious, while we pamper the young
Bite the hand that feeds
Separate the thoughts by language
Carrying discarded, useless luggage
Patchwork covering fist holes in a wall
Matching our social acceptance of all
If the strange should punch a hole in our society
Trying to reach their soul
Lock them away and patch the sight
We must accept
Give up the fight
Don't you want to be accepted of your peers
This, we never anticipated
Hyper state of sleep coming around

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