Order Of Chaos

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Legions on the front defy, enemies whom betray
Vow to kill in unison, the impaled remain
Bloodshed, treason, self-sacrifice, victims, malace, none shall deny

Mutants rot in the mass destruction, transformed into slaves
Sustain, the virus, lethal injection, reconstructed human waste

Order of chaos regenerates, discordant disciples inhuman race
Into submission beyond recognition until they will reach their demise

The torture confinement, prisoners detained
Obey the decloration, defective, enslaved

Cautious, preserve, they culminate, weapons, order, reign and dominate
Belligerent combat, arrangement precise

Vengeful, spirits, manifest in spite, vicious, sadistic, abnormal sight

Confront the opposition, oppression complete
The unexpected rivals, set back defeat

Transformation, irreverent
Legion of demons conflicting with might

The cycle continuous, a reformed display
Clone to perfection, distorted fate

Endorse, submit, self sacrifice, victims, malace, none shall deny