Ordinary Day

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wake up in the morning and open the window
I get ready by breathing in the fresh air
In one hand I have a cup of hot coffee
I pack myself onto the crowded bus

From the familiar sound of the radio
I hear the enjoyment of people in the world
As I listen another day starts
The sunlight is so splendid that I rejoice

Oh, what am I to do? I must live and forget about you
Oh, I'm sorry, its seems like I'm doing okay already
I thought it was a love which I couldn't forget
But I'll forget, somehow...

I don't know how the day will go
When it gets dark my friend calls me up
We talk of how we spent the day, of work
We talk of the new girls we met, funny stories
The girls we look at who have gone too far
The sports match shown on TV
Those who risk their lives and gamble their dinner money
Time passes enjoyably as we tire ourselves out making noise
And somehow it is 2 AM and we have to sleep
The things I talk of with my friends today
Whenever I think of them I smile
I lie down smiling and fall asleep

* Repeat

Even when I hear our song I don't cry
Even when I hear news about you I smile
It is alright, I'll even forget that you left me
So why is it that I just can't seem to do that?

I'm sorry for forgetting you so easily
I'm sorry for not being able to do what I had said
But because it was so much tougher on you
I couldn't live holding on to that, forgive me
I promised our love would last forever
I vowed those words as you turned your back on me
In the end I'm left alone and I live again
You are in my mind until the day ends
No matter how much I came to cherish this decision
I would really hate it if you were to delete all of me
Yeah, I really promised you many things
And I also hate the way I forgave you
I forgot the memory of forgetting you
As if nothing happened, as if I've never been in love

It's an ordinary day, somehow...

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