Orgasm Through Her Entrails

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She's walking down on the street
Her steps leads to death tonight
I'll be there when stench of hell has arrived
And the unknown calls her name
I've got an axe, knife and many more tools
My perverse instinct growing stronger
Following her with attention from my roof
And preparing for encounter
We've never met before
But now the time has comes
My hate wait no longer
Approaching, rage, insanity!
I grab her head, knock her down
Body beings sweat like a pig
So cold her body and twitches

Grasping for air, screaming
Open up the torso, bleeding
Tear up the cranium, i cum

The heart stops pumping, i crush it
Expressionless eyeball in my fingers

I throw both of them away
Legs and arms are scattered

Her bile is flowing over and over
I lick the injuries that cut into her
Bodily alteration is my only goal
I will fuck the wounds of her torso
My cock filled with blood
Push and pull again and again

Orgasm through her disemboweled body
She's lay dead on the ground
Side of her i wait for the dawn