Ornaments Of Gold

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Silver couches to recline upon
And ornaments of gold
Silver moonbeams dance in fountains
Below shining citadels
Surrounded by silver gates ascending silver stairs
Eureka on angelic prayer wafts in and scents the air
With ornaments of gold
To warm my soul from the growing cold
Ornaments of gold
We can drink from silver vessels
We can feed from silver bowls
Then I'll give you gilded treasures
Annointed by intoxicating oils
Drenched in riches unimaginable
Your splendour drips with jewels that are so beautiful
And ornaments of gold
Warm my soul from the growing cold
Adorable rewardable you
From head to toe I'd love to cover you
And smother you in ornaments of gold
In honeydew I'd love to cover you
Oh lover do bring
Ornaments of gold
Protect our hearts from this cruel world
Ornaments of gold

Autor(es): Siouxsie and the Banshees

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