A Life Divided

Other Side

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Here is a warning
About how it's going to be
To wake on a morning
When nothing is left to believe,
Miserable dawning
And I'm calling out your name,
But you ain't coming,
There's a chest of dreams
In your way.

In your eyes -
I'm falling, deeper every night,
In your eyes -
I'm losing every single fight,
But you can't read my mind,
Something is coming,
There's a change in sight
For one second on my side.

Life doesn't move me -
Seems like everyday I die,
But where's the hand
That guides me
To the other side,
Time keeps on moving -
As days just pass me by
Is there something
Waiting for me -
On the other side.

In your mind -
You're sorry 'bout your life,
In your mind -
You're worried all the time,
So let's give up the fight,
Something is coming,
I swear I see the light
And you will be longing
For one second at my side.

Lost between the light,
I'm not trying to survive
This is the time
We all are bound to die.