Pansy Division

Pee Shy

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He's a confident man
Relaxed and sef-assured
But there's one situation
Makes him feel so insecure
When he takes a public leak
He becomes all shy and meek
He just can't let it go
If another guy might be looking below
He's pee shy
Even in the men's room
There's pressure to compete
If you can't pee quick enough
They might think you're beating meat
When he takes a public leak
He always has to sneak a peek
Got to see with his own eyes
Does he mesure up for size?
There's a beefy hunk
Of porno movie fame s
truts his stuff on screen
Without a shred of shame
But in front of that bar tough
His tap just stays turned off
He can't unleash his spray
Until the others have gone away

Autor(es): Chris Freeman / Jon Finoli

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