Seven Nations

Our day will come

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Come On Down
Where the Air
Meets the Sea
In Such Great Wonderful Beauty
And Where
Without Light
You Can See
Way Down and Deep in Your Soul
I Hope You Will Realize
That This Is Where You Belong
I Hope You Will Come Alive
And Will Welcome Your Freedom
That Will Welcome You Home

So Take Me Down to the River
Take Me Down to the Sea
To the Land of Healing
Wings of Love Will Carry Me
I Want to Feel Your Arms Around Me
Of Each Moment That I Breathe
Let Your Love Surround Me
Bless My Soul to Sleep At Ease

I See Scenes
From a Day
When Our World
Is Staged With Love and With Laughter
And When
From the Sky
Comes a Light
To Shine On Streets of White Gold

And If Your Heart Still Holds On to the Pain
You Can Always Return Now
But There's no Need to Give in to the Strain
You've Just Got to Believe

Our Day Will Come
To Break These Chains and Fly Away