Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Our Imperfect Race

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"In their ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI finally has detected a signal that could be some sort of binary code. Is it an alien life form trying to contact us, or just a freak coincidence?"

Could there be other life
In this boundless universe
Would they live just like us
On a planet like the Earth

How would they see us?
Our imperfect race...
What would they think of us?
The mess we have made...
Or are we doing okay?

Could it be we're not unique
In the vastness of space
Do they know we are here
Are they heading out our way?

Would they condemn us?
Our imperfect race...
Maybe they'd pity us?
A breed doomed to fail...
Or are we doing okay?

Could it be we're here alone
A tiny sparkle of life
Could it be this is it
A fleeting moment in time

Maybe there's only...
Our imperfect race
No one will ever know
And nothing will change...

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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