Of Montreal

Our Love Is Senile

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So now she's turning a corner
Wants to leave me again
Though it's sad, I really should want her
"You can only break up so many times
Before losing us to absurdity
Without becoming farcical," she said
How can we continue when you're telling the truth and I still don't believe you

So now she's getting tired
Wondering if it's a geek or precedence
And just how to lay her forward
When her man is a mess and never there
Though it's sad we've no populace
It's much worse to gather in silence
But it's more than just civility, we need laughter, happiness, madness, anything

Our love is senile
Like a blind child bumping into walls
Say it's not guilt keeping us together
How can we support each others' wills?
Our love is senile
Like we don't recognize each other
Somehow we relapsed to being strangers
And scaling black tiles of sacred ground

Now it's time to play the socialist
And protect my little chick from a problem and confusion
It's evasive misses no solution

Autor(es): Kevin Barnes

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