Our State Flag

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In 1956 things were changing.
The federal government was rearranging.
Started to put an end to segregation.
You can't do that to our proud confederation.
State of Georgia, southern pride.
We'll raise a flag so we can defy.
They can't tell us what to do.
Racism stitched in red, white, and blue.
How can you justify, what they can't deny.
The flag of our state, a banner of hate.
Separate is not equal, our state flag sucks.
1997 and things ain't changed a bit.
The flag's on a pole and we're all under it.
Racial harmony is what they preach.
But the flag's raised high, out of reach.
It's our heritage, is what they tell us.
But I really think that our memories fail us.
We can't remember 40 years of lies.
And over our state the banner still flies.
The governor won't listen, he fears for re-election.
Politics run amuck, for the almighty buck.
But things are about to change.
It's our heritage.
Heritage of hatred.

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