Our Way Home

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So open your eyes
Don't let
This feeling inside
Everything you are

Breathe in deep
Don't let the water
Fill your lungs
Awake but motionless
Is such
An ever-calming ground
Again, your words
They ring so clear now
So quick
I'm heading right
Into destruction
Don't let go

So focus on a way out
It's not supposed
To be like this
So focus
It's close now
This is very far
From never ending

This is nothing
You won't live through
I won't let you
Fall any further
If we sold our souls
What then do we live for?
I won't let you fall
Any further

Never let it leave your mind
You are so alive
When you're on your way home
You will know

To be set free
Would be the first step
Away from me
To be set free
Would be the first
And last in steps to sanity
Do you have the strength
To walk away?
Do you know how to live
Any other way?

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