Sawyer Brown

Out Goin' Cattin'

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We still bop and our cars run hot
We're out cuttin' the fool
We're tearin' the town got the top laid down
Like we're back in school
I got a white sport coat and blue suede shoes
We're gonna find us a betty and a bobby sue

Well don't go tellin' don't go rattin'
Hey baby baby we're out goin' cattin'
Juke joint jammin' tit for tat
And mama don't wait up, wait up
We're out goin' cattin'
Oh yeah, out goin' cattin'
Oh yeah, out goin' cattin'

I got a Chevy and we're in it
Gonna take it to the limit
Yeah we're lookin' fine
We'll take it to the hop
Maybe cruise the soda shop
Thinkin' back in time
Well don't say take it easy
Baby we're not through
I'm talkin oop bop a lou bop a lip bam boom


Autor(es): Mark Miller / Randy Scruggs

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