Out Of Control - A Fairy Tale

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Once upon a time, there was a king who
Loved himself so much that he could not bear
Anyone different from him. this is what he used to say:

First i'll talk about the blacks - inferior race
They don't need to have rights or chances
Spit on the latins - aliens go home!!!
Banish all impurity
Now let's talk about the gays
Spreading that aids
I`ll root out abnormality
Look at the filthy whores selling indecent love,
Shame of society


I gotta purify the humanity
I'm gonna save the world from this weakness
From this sickness
In the name of evolution
I can't stand any imprudence
Difference and any kind of divergence

Burn the jews and their faith
Conspiring to take control of all the human race
Die the crippled ones-die the old ones
Die all the useless

At last the third world is dead
They can't use their heads
Let's steal their work- wealth-minds-their souls
I'll sterilize all the freaks -
I must clean the trashy streets


First i'll talk about the gays, the aliens and the whores
They don't have to have rights or chances
Look at the third world-look at the latins
Shame of society
Now let's talk about the blacks,
The crippled, and the old
Bring me their work -wealth-minds- and souls
I'll sterilize all the jews alive-i must clean humanity


Kill the red skins-kill the black eyed
Kill the long haired - kill all the junkies
Kill the left handed-kill the ugly ones
Kill the southerners-kill all the witches
Exterminate impotence-eliminate difference
Eradicate insolence-extirpate divergence

Kill the percussion-kill the guitars-kill the drums-kill the bass

"what makes people noble are their actions and not their color, nationality, religion, sex, money, age, appearance, social class, language, dress, "o tamanho do seu pau..."

Autor(es): Claúdio David