Out Of Luck

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I wanna buy a car but it costs too much,
wanna buy a house but I'm outta luck,
I work my arse off for not that much.

I wanna go away on a holiday,
I don't think I can do it on my paltry wages
Life sucks bad luck it follows me.

Yeah, yeah, it costs too much,
I'm outta luck.

They drew my lucky number but I lost my ticket,
my poker hand is lousy and I cannot win it,
Do you wanna Place you bet on me

The odds are stacked against me but I keep on trying,
do you wanna play with me, ain't no use in crying,
I have to see my life as one big game!

I've got my 6's & my 7's and my lucky devils,
be my ace of spades I'll be your queen
and we can live together honey,
happy ever after in our house of cards # 13.

I don't have much to offer but it could be fun
if you wanna come along we can go together,
you got no reason for feeling down.
I'll wear my lucky charm & my lucky bracelet,
we could go and pray but I cannot face
if cos someone up there's got it in for me.

Autor(es): Deadline / E.J. Rose