Out Of Your Life

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I want to find the way I feel for you tonight
I hope I burst into your flame
I wonder I'm dead against the thought of cheating me
Each night I'm selling out my dreams

So I am breathing my time with your love
And the great sun shines on me
And I'm believing in the wind on my skin
This is all I've ever been

Don't let me fall out of your life
Now that our dream is dying
Don't let me go
The sun is burning dark
Don't let me fall out of your light
Now that the sky is dying
And if they wake us we will drown
If you wake us we must drown
The sea of pity burns

I'm stranded my life's an empty waiting room for you
Diversion no one puts me through
I stumble on all the pictures cheating me tonight
I want to scream without a voice

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