3rd Bass

Oval Office

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"This recording, is a collection
Of unintended indiscretions before microphone"

"Oh who locked the door?"
"A hard man is good to find."
"Open the door!"
"The principles.. of friction"

This feeling's a function, so step to this
Ain't the average boys who do this
Door is opened, to office summoned
Yo Pete I think you're in there man! ("I'm coming!")
Reception warm, not a handshake
My hands shook, barrier's about to break
She was seated, legs long and slammin'
Oval office opened, so let's begin!
Push my point across, firmly
Core proposal
Prime Minister serve me, surely ("Surely! Nyuk nyuk nyuk")
I serve you with motion
And doors open wider, coast in
Secretary said, "Put Serch on line two
Yo, put him on hold!"

[Repeat x4]
"That towel was related to my husband!"

Aiyyo Pete man, let me in man
I'm here to get retarded yo, so step off
Nah I'm not holdin' the door to come in
Yo, yo move your, move your elbow!
Move your elbow, yo, you're not dickin' on me
Your boy look like the Great Pumpkin
You're frontin' like you play the Pumpkin
Move your elbow, because I'm in there!

The meeting rotates
Mockneck or cactus?
"They got my head boss.."
She attacked us!
With a treaty for disarmament
We signed
Figured there's no harm in it ("Oh alright alright alright..")
So I disarmed
And I poured the Scotch
And asked the Prime Minister, mind if I watch?
("Oh my goodness!")
Yeah, I reckon
You keep minutes, I'll let you get second
Then the summit rose, I get vetoed
Presidential pardon, let me G yo!
Lunch became filet of soul/sole with tongue
The Oval Office work is never done!
Never done!

"That towel was related to my husband!"
"That towel was related to my husband!"

Aiyyo I'm serious man, did you have sex?
Nah man
It was you that did it!
Filet of sole on the Oval Office
On a peanut butter leg
She got down to my knees and it spread!

"That towel was related to my husband!"
"That towel was related to my husband!"

G'in, seein, have you playin it like a diplomat
The Oval Office ain't nothin but a boot magnet
Close to close, but Pete freaked it anyway
Serch said
Prime, let's do the three the hard way!
And knockin like we're knockin
The office flooded with the sex check suits
Deploy missiles of the MX variety
Spoken spasm of invasion inside of me
I release my rebels, the onslaught ceased

And in the Oval Office
Finally peace!
Motions carried out, played it like Presidents
What's the Oval Office?
Our permanent residence!
Meeting of the mind, as well as the pelvis
Aiyyo Bush!
We're audi like Elvis!

Aiyyo Serch you're in there man
You're finally in there, for the first time man!
"Victims of these classic boners.."
Yo move that thick body of yours
Move that thick white body!
"Victims of these classic boners.."

Yes, yes woodie!
I've got the woody!
I've got the woodie and I'm gonna get the head
"Victims of these classic boners.."
I can feel it! You gotta understand see
"Victims of these classic boners"
Gotta understand the subject of the topic
There's too much butt-waxin', no
There's too much Vaseline usage
There's too much KY jelly
'Cause I've got the woodie!
I have the woody man, I have
Yo let me tell you somethin' man, you're a girlie man
You're a flabber man, I am a muscle man
I think you are my auntie
Cause I am the man who is in the Oval Office
You're just a girlie flabber man, you hamster man
I'm a great man, you're a flabber man

Uhh, aiyyo yo you know what I heard?
I heard Rob never got the wood
I heard Rob is frontin' like the great pumpin' on the woodie
And I heard Seth Lover? He got the wrong woodie
He needs the positive woodie!
Aiyyo I'm goin home man; I'm goin' home to tell my mother (boots!)
I'm goin' home to tell my mother about my first experience

Autor(es): Michael Berrin / P. Nash