Lisa Lois


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So the rain is pouring down
On the streets where you roam
And the pavement's made of sand
Where there used to be stone

Now you're stuck in broken dreams
But your eyes are open wide
Still it's hard for you to see
In the darkest of the night

But hold on
Time will ease the pain eventually
So hold on
Soon the day will come you'll see

The wind will guide you through the storm
You will overcome

Let water float you back to shore
You will overcome
When the battle knocks you down
To the ground

You know you can lean on me as long as you need
So you can overcome
Even though the road is hard
It’s not a dead end street

Though it’s scary where you are
Its not where you’ll always be
So hold on
Time will heal your wounds eventually

Hold on
To all your dearest memories
I wish that I
Could paint your sky

From grey to blue
That’s what I’d do
I would take the pain
Just to see you smile again
Make it all go away

Autor(es): Lisa Lois