Jennifer Rafferty


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Laid all my cards out on the Kitchen Table
You've seen my hand, and now I'm far from able
To Hide my King Of Hearts

Someone Threw dust and it got in your eyes
A smokescreen of love, a blessing in disguise for you
But not for me
Between a rock and you is such a hard place
Can't wait another heart beat cos it's far too long
I've had forever and a lifetime to think up this song
You didn't know it then but I know now you do
Obviously it's time for us
This Song is Overdue

There's no need for us to beat around the bush
I've planted the seed, now you just need a push
Let's just cut to the chase

I'm head over heels and I've just gone for broke
The Cats out the bag, but I am glad I spoke
I took shot, the ball's in your court
Just say the words and I'm completely yours


They say actions speak louder than words
So I could tell you this
Or I could just seal it with a kiss

You've laid all your cards, out on the kitchen table
I've seen your hand, and now your far from able
To hide your Queen of hearts
So lets have the loving start!!!

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