Bill Anderson

Perfect Angel

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She's still the angel that I knew before the only difference now is she's mine
In an apron or a nightgown or the wedding dress she wore
She's a perfect angel all the time

You know it's funny how when you first meet a girl
And start likin' her you always see her at her best
All made up her hair just right dressed nicely
And you just assume she's like that 24 hours a day
Then when you get married it's face-cream and body-pins and hair-rollers at night
Makeup eyelashes hairspray in the mornin'
Soapsuds floorwax and bacon grease through the day
And then you stop and think about it
And she's really goin' through all the stuff just for you
And knowin' that makes her all the more beautiful
She's still the angel...

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