Over High

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Meyer lansky flow
Riding with my marl barker bitch
44 in her clothe, yea
Jewish lawyer find a loop hole in the case
Sour dour every hour take it to the face
L.a, smoking on that pussy wagon
Medicated weed, got the room spinning
This may cause drozyness
6-50 drop top on some claret shit

I'm high till the day that i die
Got the hotel smelling like
La, la, la
La, la, la

She chiefing on a blunt steaming
Selina the stewardess got me fiending
We got the marriot smoked out
Horse carriage on my sneaks cost a good amount
Uh, put my smoke under the microscope to see the strands
And i can see that green cross on sunset when a nigga lands

See that green cross that means i'm going to get some of that medicated shit
Gangus cole, yea

Headbang keep me up, sour diesel slow me down
Blue dream got me dreaming bout her now
Yea, i'm marc jacobed too the socks
Bugatti too tight when i want to fuck
Smokey scenery, switch positions lightin up
I got a dogg pound daz dilli like kurupt

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