Over The Sea, Boys

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[1st verse:]
In uniform, we represent
The navy of our President
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
We try to be as Dewey was
The fearless man we knew he was
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
With watchful eye we take our post
To guard our Uncle Sammy's coast
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
We'll fill our guns with navy beans
And shoot the German submarines
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!

Over the sea, boys
We're assigned
With the land we love ever in mind
Over the ocean, full of devotion
For the girls we left behind

[2nd verse:]
We're each a son of Washington
And each a man behind a gun
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
The fun'ral march is all rehearsed
If we should see the Kaiser first
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
We don't get much for what we do
But what we do means much to you
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
We have to leave our wives behind
For fighting of a different kind
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!

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