Over The Top

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You wanna dance?
I'll dance with you.
I understand.
It's nothing new.
You're just a girl with something to prove;
Well, then move.

I wanna dance.
So dance with me
And take a chance.
I'll let you lead.
I'm just a boy with nothing to lose,
Save his shoes.

Once again, here we go...

You get up, but i pin you down
With the attitude i cop -
It's over the top.
You don't talk, i don't make a sound,
I can hear the tension pop -
It's over the top.
Over, over... (bv: over the top.)
You say wait, and i answer now,
You're in too deep to stop -
It's over the top.

You wanna run?
So run away.
I'm having fun.
I'm gonna stay.
I'm just a dog who's chasing a bone,
On his own.

I wanna run.
I'll run you down.
And when i'm done,
You'll turn around.
You're just a cat who's after a mouse
To 'meow.'

Here we go, once again...

Temp'rature's rising.
Are you gonna burn or go for the chill?
So satisfying --
I'll take, it high -, -er still!

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