Owner Of Her Heart

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Owner of her heart
The owner of her heart

She throws smiles and breaks theirs
No rules, no cares, she's that tough
Into the heart of the loveless heads
They cringe, they lust, that's what they all do
They trip and fall right into you

She throws her hips, her lips
Her lips whispers all around the room
She said "why don't you come over here?"
She flows, she knows, she fully blooms
And as I walked to the dragon's lair
I wondered if I could possibly be the true owner of her heart, yeah

The owner of her heart

And so we ran how fast we could
Rented cars and empty rooms
She said "why don't you come over here?"
Her blood, her neck, I was doomed
Her mouth got closer to my skin
Her breath like death, cold and cruel
She said "you may see me through but won't be the owner of my heart, yeah"

The owner of her heart

Owner of her heart

Autor(es): Little David Boy

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