Own Worst Enemy

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Guard your borders, from attack
The evil axis, must be held back
But from within, comes the enemy
Citizens, filled with enmity

He's seen the film, played the video game
An unknown loser, with a lust for fame
Settle scores, a massacre
The nation mourns, no lessons taught

Can't you see? You're your own worst enemy

I fail to see that in an ordinary day
When owning an assault rifle can be of any practical use
But for slaughtering a fuck load of people
In a very small space of time

Little Jonny, finds daddy's gun
An innocent, it's only fun
Like on TV, now tragedy
Another statistical, fatality

NRA, defend gunplay
People kill, not guns they say
It occurs to me, at the end of the day
They help, they certainly fucking help

Can't you see? You're your own worst enemy

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