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One time through the door, and on the floor, all i
Wanna be is just a little whore, all i wanna do what i
Wanna do to myself, i cut my ity bity self, i cant
Think about you and what you wanna do, i should i
Better stop myself cause you could be like you be like
That you could be like this old man that said, and
This is what he said to me

I dont wanna feel this way anymore, cause i cannot
Take all this wont you save me

I dont need this shit to end this endless story, take
My savior take my pacifier

Believe more in a core i've stored everything you
Said, put my hell to bed now again, i am dreams bad
Ones as it seems is why i cannot redeem, can't what i
Do everything i do is just for blame sake, anyways and
This is what he said to me and anyway, and this is
What he said to me what he said to me

Autor(es): Nothingface

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