Packets And Pencils

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Packets of pencils (packets of pencils)
And parcels of paper (parcels of paper)
I stamp them and seal them (stamp them and seal them)
And I send them to you (send them to you)
I pray the postman (I pray the postman)
To pring them with pluebird (pring them with pluebird)
Pulled by the pounding (pulled by the pounding)
By the plop on the ploom

What's the words now group
(Blinded by bleep) blinded by bleep
(And the blare on the ploom) let me hear the bleep
(Failing my I pray) yes failing my pray
(.....) sing a little softer
Blind with the bleep) how sweet it is
(And the part on the petal) now with great plueblird
(Paying the price of a plop on a ploom)

Repeat after me
Keeping a care (keepin' a care)
Of the kind on the coddle (kind on the coddle)
I traded my cart (traded my cart)
For a kleg full of klugt (keg full of klugt)
Clutched by the craving (clutched by the craving)
Of klug from the kroddle (klug from the kroddle)
Clearning the klice (clearing the klice)
And I 'm klittin' the klug
Yes I'm quittin' it I tell you

(Packets of pencils) packets of pencils
(And parcels of paper) parcels of paper
(Stamp them and seal them) stamp them and seal them
(And send them to you) send them to you
I pray the postman (I pray the postman)
(To pring them with pluebird to pring them with pluebird
(Pulled by the pounding) pulled by the pounding
Of the plop on the ploom
Pulled by the pounding of the plop on the ploom

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