Michelle Branch

Piece By Piece

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The frost has lasted since that night
But I was warmed by your fingers alone
Now the wind's here by my side
And it chills me to the bone

Oh, I won't take anything further
And I won't even think things through
Cuz if I tell you what I'm feeling
Then it'll hurt me more than you

The world it crumbled at my feet
I swallowed all my passions whole
I'll push you away now, piece by piece
Through my veins your dreaded soul


Hold me, control me, and never let me go
Cuz you're the only one that will ever know
Just hold me, control me, and never let me go
I should know by now, that now's the time to go

Chorus x 2

Oh, the world has crumbled at my feet
So I'll push you away piece by piece