Piece Of The Dream

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Jump back gotta check it out
So tell what it's all about
I jumped up when i turned around
To find out it's all headed south
And i never thought it could
Could it ever feel so good
To be so misunderstood
While you're going under

I've got a piece of the dream
Enough to keep me company
All the while i'm going down
I've got my arms around a memory
Leaves me all alone with me
All alone and going down

Don't call me victimized
Brainwashed or hypnotized
I don't need your alibis, for your lies
They're all going round
And it all comes back to you
And there's nothing you can do
One thing to see me through
While i'm going under

You say you need someone
Well i'm too far gone
I'm not the only one
Now you're going under

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