Deadstar Assembly

Pale Blue

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Keep talking shit
Your words so worthless
So full of it
You're dead I promise
My character assassinated
I see pale blue through you

I don't know how I survived
All you do is fucking lie
Just wait and see how hard I try
to watch you die
I don't know how I survived
This feeling paralized
All I want to do is fuck you suck you hate you cut you

I'm the butterflies in your stomach
I'm the razor on your wrist
I'm the thread thats sown your lips shut
Because of you I see pale blue

I'll split your shit
Punk ass extinguished
And tables turn
Your fuck self inflicted
Rip out the core
God as my witness
And you turn cold then blue
pale blue

Why don't you picture yourself in death
Why don't you just picture yourself

Autor(es): Cygnus X

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