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I saw your angry arm crash across her dresser drawer,
And all the picture frames falling to the floor.
I saw the graven images twist and smash.
In her eyes I saw the broken glass crash.
I saw you tear the pagan pages apart,
attempt to tear the thoughts that threaten from the corner of her heart.
"Indian Gods", you spat the words in her face.

Expression of your love?

I saw you dial the phone,
I saw you hire the hand that slapped his face.
I saw you fund the brainwashing,
To save your son from brainwashing.
You are bescandalized. You have been terrorized
By profane minds who turn a profit from your panic.
You are the victim. Now you victimize.

Expression of your love?
Or an extension of your ignorance?

have the right
to defy
the lie

Serve the Truth
Defy the Lie.