Jennifer Rafferty

Paper Mache Hearts

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There trying hard to break your heart they pull at the seams
The thread it frays but stays in place, you always redeem
Don't let them take what's hard to break, just try to ignore
You know inside that if you hide they'll come at you more
Angels dressed in peticoats, they aren't always queens of hearts
Don't doubt yourself, cos that's when you'll fall apart
Don't seperate the ones you love from those who you hate
A day without a shadow would make everyone late

Paper mache hearts
Made from glue and stars
Never fall apart
If stuck right from the start
Match stick people brea
One strike up in flames
Lighting up the dark, for paper mache hearts

You've now resigned to make your mind up based on their lies,
Just one remark a thousand scars, the tears that you've cried
Were left behind, the one to fall
Would always come last
And when you walk the long way home
You always walk fast
And always manage to get lost
Lost in yourself, lost in your heart
Doubting yourself
Breaking down the walls that you took so long to climb
Counting every second till you forget the time


Don't look down, you will far off the wall x2

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