Luther Allison

Playin' A Losing Game

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I start talking
You don't seem to care
Oh, I come home
And you are never there
I searched all over town
I can't find you anywhere

Believe me baby
I feel like a broken man
Don't you know
Two can play this game?
Oh baby, play the game

When we met
We both felt the same
Yes, we did
Now I see
You're playin' a losin' game
I'm tryin' to find a way
Find a way to ease the pain

Hey baby
I'm the one that's gonna treat you right
Now I tired of your ways
You gonna need my love one day
You gonna be sorry some day
Oh baby, what a price to pay
(A big price)

Oh, why you cryin'?
Oh, I just can't understand (ah-woo)
Oh, I hear the hound dogs howlin'

Autor(es): Bernard Allison / Luther Allison

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