Aira Mitsuki


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Forever knows as...

Forever not tears

Kakushikirenai munasawagi lalala

Kedo kidzukou to shiteinai Parameter

It’s the return of the best and my name is Roxanne
More bounce in my flow than shocks man
Compare me to the rest of your box man
Cause I am mad sick, contagious like pox man
I’m like a locksman opening doors
I’m elevating to the top floors
I work hard like a slave doing chores
Speaking my mind like there be no laws
I’m the master
Look quick but I move much faster
My jives penetrate walls like Casper
And through the paint, through the wall, through the plaster
And off the record like a natural disaster
And peace & love like a dreadlocked rasta (cannot hear properly)
I don’t do hard but I got the yes from the master (cannot hear properly)
Just an intro wait for the extra, extra, extra