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i'Ve watched my peers surpass me as i lay left in the dirt
been cut short so many times, i think i'm used to being hurt
when things are too perfect, i gotta self destruct
cause i'm masochistic loser, i like feeling like i'm fucked

like a cold you can't shake, or a habit you can't break
staring back at a shattered mirror, i don't recognize my face
see age carving itself into my weathered skin
but still i wake up each day knowing i can't win

watching bills stack up, a collection warning everyday
drowning in debt and regret, with no way for me to pay
the constant struggle and uphill battle, i'm losing the war
a man must know his limits, i can't take anymore

draining me like a battery
only concerned with your urge to feed
bleeding me dry no will left to fight
sucking my soul like a parasite

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