Of Montreal

Partizan Terminus

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So we've been clinging to us, one hand on the edge
Shit, don't you think I know this planet is an orphanage?
Deep abandonment issues at our core
But if not each other, what the hell else do we have to really live for, my love?
I gave my second heart, my second youth to you
What do you think it will feel like if we're really through?
And you stay here, I'll find a new home
Death like Holiday City, in vacant cinemas all alone

I don't know if all the magic is gone
But we can rediscover each other, I mean, is it really so crazy to believe?
Or we could change this trip to one night
If we could just forgive each other for, you know, being each other

And then we'll
We'll be shocked like, what happened?
Well go ahead and shock me, what happened? What happened?
How's it all happening now
Like we thought our thing was dead but
Here are all the stained glass ornaments getting all smashed overhead


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